Product & process development

Our experienced project managers are at the cutting edge of science and continuously monitor the world market in terms of technology, quality, price and adherence to deadlines.

The wealth of knowledge that has been built up over decades through a large number of projects that have already been implemented is precisely applied, which ensures the satisfaction of our customers. We offer our customers worldwide professional product and process development under our own project management, which maps the entire production stages.

In order to ensure the best possible quality of our products, we also operate our own tool shop, which focuses on optimizing cycle time and quality and which goes hand in hand with our project management and production. The result is minimized distances between the production steps, which means that we guarantee our customers that deadlines are met and projects are implemented as quickly as possible.

Tradition meets high tech.

Optimized for the future thanks to automation and robotics

To be able to deliver the newest product generations safely, effectively and cost optimized, we use handlings and robotic systems. The production systems are adapted individually due to the customer product and developed from our staff - also in cooperation with external service contractors.

Success with a system.

Our end-to-end project management opens up potential for optimization

The main focuses of our products are used in the two market segments automotive and electronics. Several years ago we succeeded in taking the decisive step from being a pure parts manufacturer to becoming a component and system supplier. Vehicle access system solutions are one of many examples. Here, too, excellent quality with a convincing price / performance ratio and "time-to-market" play a decisive role. Consistent project management with only one contact person for the entire development and implementation phase is the success factor and a key distinguishing feature compared to many competitors.

Know-how and visions.

Medium-sized flexibility with industrial clout

The idea always comes before the innovation. Implemented with a lot of knowledge and experience, we achieve results that are impressive. Our flat hierarchies and fast decision-making processes help to find efficient and cost-optimized solutions for the benefit of our customers. From the planning to the JIS / JIT - delivered system solution, the close cooperation with our customers brings real product advantages right from the development phase. This can be seen in the concept phase with the examination of feasibility, efficiency, material selection or the search for savings potential as well as in the production phase. Our solutions meet the constantly increasing product requirements for ecological compatibility, functionality, smallness or complexity. As a flexible partner, we implement this knowledge quickly and efficiently in quantities.

Holistic solutions - turnkey.


In addition to the economic approach, we see the ecological orientation of our developments and production processes as a strategic objective for the coming years. In addition to the energy management that has been in place for a long time, we can proudly refer to co-developments in hybrid technologies or interesting approaches to the use of biodegradable raw, auxiliary and operating materials. Developing new system solutions for the constantly increasing requirements of our supplier industry always requires new ideas and increasing know-how. On the one hand, great potential for development services, manufacturing knowledge and system solutions is required, on the other hand, speed, quality and, of course, economy are what count.
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