cetto PLASTICS , based in Saal an der Donau in Lower Bavaria, is the parent company of the internationally active group of companies cetto GROUP , consisting of cetto PLASTICS and cetto BOHEMIA sro. As an owner-managed group of companies in the third generation, we have been active in plastics processing for more than 60 years and are one of the innovative, well-known addresses in southern Germany.
As of 2021, we employ over 70 people in injection molding and tool technology in our two production facilities in Saal an der Donau (near Regensburg). In our cetto BOHEMIA sro plant in Chodov (Czech Republic), 80 employees mainly perform injection molding and assembly activities.
"To continue a family business is a great honor and an opportunity for which we are very grateful. It requires team spirit, commitment and passion for what you do. Especially in a time like today, which is characterized by fast pace and transience, these values are anything but self-evident. "

Dr. Alexandra Wilden-Cetto

Corporate social responsibility

Sense of responsibility - towards quality, employees and the environment

The corporate policy of the cetto GROUP is developed, determined and constantly updated by our management in order to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and to ensure the satisfaction of our customers .

Compliance with global requirements for ethical and moral behavior, as well as the requirements for correct behavior under competition and antitrust law (compliance) form the basis of our business activities.
  • founded in 1960
  • over 150 employees across Europe
  • excellent training company
  • certified according to IATF 169494
  • certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001
  • Member of the GKV code of conduct
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Optimal added value for mutual success

We are a flexible company with flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths, and we put the wishes of our customers at the center of our thoughts and actions. We also have strategic partnerships through which we combine our knowledge of plastics and tool technology with experts from synergetic technology fields.
Through research projects with universities, colleges and other knowledge carriers, we ensure our connection to the latest state of research and are always one step ahead of the status quo of practice in theory. Thanks to this combination of the latest knowledge from various fields of technology, we can always deliver the highest quality.


The name Cetto looks back on a long history.
The community of Saal an der Donau and the name of the commercial councilor Ernst Cetto are inextricably linked, as the place owes its upward development to today's “industrial community” to him.

Born in 1880, Kommerzienrat Ernst Cetto was director and owner of the lime works in Saal, Kelheim and Ismaning near Munich and employed 1,500 people. He built workers' settlements, schools, kindergartens, streets, open-air swimming pools, a war memorial and a church, as well as a hotel and in the 1920s ensured the early electrification by laying a power grid and a central water supply in the village. To further supply the citizens, he ran a wholesale and retail trade, which laid the foundations for today's Cetto group of companies.
After the Second World War, the demand for plastic was so high that his son Ernst Eugen Cetto took his chance in 1960 and converted the wholesale and retail trade into the company "Ernst Cetto Plastprodukte", which produced thermosetting and thermoplastic plastic items.
In the beginning, the first simple plastic parts such as pastille containers, wallpaper protectors and record stands were produced on a 100m² production area on a small injection molding machine that had to be operated by hand. In the course of time the company was expanded to include two more production halls and a tool shop.
In 1978, son Ernst Robert Otto Cetto took over the company with 35 employees and completely reorganized the company: in the future, customers from the electrical and automotive industries were to be won. This required extensive investments in additional specialist knowledge and machinery.
His strategy worked: he succeeded in expanding the company to a total of 7,000 m² and 150 employees, and through the implementation of new process technologies such as automation, overmolding of inserts, multi-component injection molding, and the start of the production of complete assemblies, such as Air flow meter to save fuel in vehicles, to develop the company into an innovative high-tech company.
With the establishment of cetto BOHEMIA sro he succeeded in establishing the company Cetto as an international company and implementing it as a permanent name on the world market for the automotive and electronics industry.
Today, well over 1 million plastic parts are produced in the factories every day, which are delivered to production facilities all over the world.
The generation change to the two children Alexandra and Maximilian took place in 2020, which ensures the future of the family business.
"For us, our company is part of the family. We are therefore proud that we have succeeded in making the generation change and leading the company into the future. "

Maximilian Ernst Cetto
  • 1909 Commerzienrat Ernst Cetto

    The upward development from Saal to today's industrial community can be traced back to Ernst Cetto's commercial activity and prudent entrepreneurship. Due to his merits, he was even appointed by the Bavarian State Ministry to the Council of Commerce and honorary citizen of Saal.
  • 1960 Foundation of "Ernst Cetto Plastprodukte" by Ernst Eugen Cetto

  • 1961 First products including reels for fishing lines

  • 1965 Relocation to Hauptstrasse and expansion of Plant 1

  • 1966 Award of the "Cetto record stand" in Bravo No. 4 of January 17, 1966

  • 1966 Founding of his own tool shop

  • 1978 Takeover of the company by Ernst Robert Cetto

  • 1985 Expansion of Plant 1

  • 1996 Construction of Plant 2 in Saal ad Donau

  • 2006 Joint venture with Kunststoff Helmbrechts in Chodov, Czech Republic

  • 2010 company anniversary 50 years of cetto

  • 2010 Norbert Braun becomes managing director of the cetto GROUP

  • 2015 cetto Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH becomes cetto PLASTICS

  • 2015 Alexandra Verena Cetto joins the cetto GROUP

    After successfully completing her bachelor's and master's degree in business administration at the Universities of Passau, Regensburg, Nantes (France) and Fresno (USA) and completing her doctorate in economics, Alexandra Cetto joined the family business.
  • 2016 Foundation of cetto BOHEMIA in Chodov, Czech Republic

  • 2018 Maximilian Ernst Cetto joins the cetto GROUP

    After successfully completing a bachelor's degree in plastics technology (Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences) and a master's degree in industrial engineering (Technical University of Munich), Maximilian Cetto joined the family business.
  • 2020 Company takeover by Dr. Alexandra Wilden-Cetto and Maximilian E. Cetto

    More information in our news post .
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